Freeze Dried TROPICAL MIX 100g


Freeze Dried TROPICAL MIX 100g – banana slice, mango pieces, pineapple pieces

100g of Freeze Dried Fruit is 1kg of fresh fruit with just the water taken out,

Store in a cool dry place – Once opened keep packet sealed to perserve shelf life.

Ingredients: 33.3% banana, 33.3% mango, 33.3% pineapple

Nutrition Facts TROPICAL MIX in 100g:

Energy value (kJ) 1509

Energy value (kcal) 357

Fat (g) 1.3

Saturated fatty acids (g) <0.3 Carbohydrates (g) 79 Sugars (g) 56 Fiber (g) 7.7 Protein (g) 2.9 Salt (g) <0.02 Approved by Nature's Club in association with Naturally ConnectedInt


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